Calathiscus Urbanus

Please contact me with inquiries for installations, architectural design or public works.
See below for details.

Wall No.1, (2005)
size: 10 inches wide
materials: twisted paper on shelf unit.
price: $200 (for similar installation)

This was my first architectural installation. Growing on the side of a set of shelves, objects can be stored within the two compartments, on top of them, or draped/hung over the left opening, which protrudes about 6 inches from the side of the shelves.


Although I do many sculptural stand-alone pieces, my current passion is art installations. Because of the flexibility of the materials I work with, and the style I work in, I have found it suitable and affordable for private homes.

I intend to do more large corporate and institutional installations and outdoor work, but right now I am available to create smaller pieces in your home while I build up my portfolio. These pieces are usually "growing" out of a piece of furniture (tables, desks, shelving, cabinets) or directly from the architecture (a wall, door, counter, ceiling, floor, railing).

Not only can an architectural weaving be a very unique addition to the decor of your home, and possibly functional, but I want you to enjoy the experience of the work being created in your home. I welcome your questions and company while I work.

Please contact me for availability and estimates. I am also happy to talk to interior designers or contractors about referrals.


If time permits, I usually have a meeting with you about a week before the actual weaving. At this first meeting, I see the actual location for the installation, take some photographs, and discuss size, materials, colors and any other concerns. I will also likely prepare a series of sketches of the piece. The reason for doing it a week before is so that I can order any special materials and prepare them (dying materials specific colors, for example).

The weaving itself can almost always be done in one day, or less depending on size. I may need access to water if I need to work with any of the materials wet. For larger pieces, I may bring an assistant to help prepare materials while I weave.

Of course if the weaving is being done on a removable item (like a cabinet door) I can take it and bring it back completed. This may make scheduling easier, but you miss out on the experience of seeing the piece being made.

In special circumstances a piece can be done in a single meeting, but this limits color and material choices to what I can bring with me (or find on site!). I would want photos sent before the meeting and a discussion by phone.

Many of my designs require drilling into the surface so that the weaving can be connected. These holes are sized to match the weaving material exactly and are covered by the body of the weaving so they are nearly invisible after the piece is completed. It is possible to do an installation without drilling, but this puts limitations on the location and final design. There are more possibilities for outdoor installations without drilling (on trees, fences, etc.) but weathering is more of an issue.

I calculate the cost based on a flat fee for the size of the piece, plus cost of materials and estimated time. If travel time is small (if you live in San Francisco) then small pieces can start as low as $200-300. Most of my small and medium work comes in closer to $1000. Large pieces requiring special materials and preparation or longer travel can easily reach several thousand.

Although I've been weaving for over twenty years, I've only been doing these installations sparsely for the past year. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity before my schedule fills up or I move on to other projects!