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Printed in 1998 in San Francisco, California

Limited printing of 100 hand-bound copies
Cover: 5th, Chad Mealey (1998, Collage)

"From 1991 through 1992 the 5th Wall was published in an 8.5 X 11 inch format. Our supply of these issues have long since been depleated. To make the works contained in these early issues available, and to commemorate five years (a little late) of the 5th Wall, this issue reprints our favorites, plus a few new works celebrating written art."


5 Years - Curator (1995, Editorial)
A Glance at Culture - Chad Mealey (From Issue 0)
Liquid Center - David Hurwitz (From Issue pi/3)
Behind the Ears - Chad Mealey (From Issue pi/3)
Spot - Bishop Michael Rose (From Issue pi)
Letters from the otherside - Eugene Piddleheimer (From Issue pi)
To the Doctor's Skin - David Hurwitz (From Issue pi)
Shakespeare's Sonnet #130 minus the Love - Bishop Michael Rose (From Issue 3pi/2)
stone #3 The Relation - Tim Kane (From Issue 3pi/2)
Econoducks - Desiree Snider (From Issue 3pi/2)
The Slab Pities Itself - F836810M5010 (From Issue 3pi/2)
Out of Context - David Hurwitz (From Issue 2pi)
Chalkboard #5 - Chad Mealey (From Issue 2pi)
"I am looking for a soap factory" - Agile (From Issue 2pi)
How To Burn A Book - Chad Mealey (From Issue 2pi)
(and other works by the 5th Wall Staff)