This concert was a collaberation between Dennis Aman, Igor Korneitchouk and Chad Mealey. It was composed during a series of "three way" phone calls between San Francisco and San Diego. In each of the three sections below you can find some notes and graphics from the development and score for the piece. Also included are the complete program notes for each piece; six program notes were written for EACH piece so that members of the audience would not be able to easily discuss the music after the concert (having received different programs) and many of the program notes are erroneous to some degree.

We will add some additional notes and sketches to this page in the next few days.

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Concert Poster (and an early draft)

Piece One
This was a piece for bowed piano. Dennis and Chad were strapped into four bows each, and Igor drove a Yamaha Disklavier (computer controlled acoustic piano) as they bowed it.

Program Notes
Photo 1 (testing two bows)
Photo 2 (bows in piano harp)
Composer's Notes

Piece Two
Igor and Chad play a game of "who can make the longest tape loop?" and escalate back and forth culminating in the large echo loop used throughout the third piece. Each loop is destroyed by the opposition in some creative and graphic mannor, while Dennis mixes the tracks and fills the silence with some digital loops of his own.

Program Notes

Piece Three
A large echo loop makes its way through the audience. Members of the audience are responsible for holding certain corners of the loop, and there are phones ringing in the room. Audience members answer the phone and are instructed on what to do and where to go. Some of these phone conversations are heard over loud speakers and recorded onto the echo tape loop so that the voices are heard repeating every thirty seconds or so.

Program Notes
Floor Plan

Concert sponsered in part by miniMusic
miniMusic BeatPad software was used in pieces 1 and 2.